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Brass Light Fixtures to Glamorous Chandeliers

Brass Light Fixtures to Glamorous Chandeliers Here at the Memphis ReStore , we always have a variety of light fixtures available. But sometimes, those fixtures are a little dated and need some love to make them look fresh again. Nicole, a ReStore customer and DIY-er, was searching for the perfect light fixtures for her new home. “I knew what I wanted, but had a hard time finding something that looked good and was in my price range,” she explained. That was until she discovered and... Read More
Posted by Jessica Hord at Tuesday, March 4, 2014
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The Memphs ReStore is operated by and supports Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis. At Memphis Habitat, we build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. 

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The Memphis ReStore exists to support the work of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis. Memphis Habitat, a nonprofit ecumenical Christian housing ministry, is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing from the city of Memphis and surrounding areas, while making decent housing for all people a matter of conscience and action. For information on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, click here or contact your local HUD office